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About Adal

Virtual Training for Criminal Justice Sector of Pakistan – 2, commonly known as “ADAL”, is Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) commissioned nationwide program being implemented by Global Neighbourhood for Media Innovation. ADAL is an innovative, sustainable, and impactful solution that aims to strengthen the capacity-building capabilities of Pakistan's criminal justice institutions during and beyond the Covid-19 pandemic. Through its training programs, Adal aims to enhance public confidence, access to justice, and handling of crimes and criminal cases across the sector. Criminal justice practitioners, especially women, trained under ADAL will be more empowered, perform better at their duties, and advance in their careers by using the skills and knowledge imparted through the program. The program uses hi-tec virtual learning platform, also titled ADAL, to deliver customized synchronous and asynchronous training courses tailored to needs identified by criminal justice practitioners and local, international subject experts.

Apart from the pandemic, following motivated this collaboration to materialize ADAL.

a. The judiciary and prosecution, in particular, are on receiving end of hefty case load along with lengthy process of justice and different kinds of professional pressures affecting them physically and psychologically.
b. Women representation in the criminal justice sector is minimal (aprox. 5% in higher judiciary). They need soft skills to move forward in their careers.
c. Opportunities and access of justice sector personnel to specialized training courses in these areas are limited.
d. There is a lack of organized strategic, tactical understanding and skills development for crisis negotiations in current course curricula delivered at LEAs training institutes.
e.Women and men of LEAs work under a lot of pressure mixed with an array of professional and personal issues.


Access to ADAL and its courses is limited to Pakistan’s criminal justice sector professionals from Judiciary, Law Enforcement and Counternarcotics. Courses here are designed and developed in collaboration with Faculty of Law, Ziauddin University and customized keeping in view the specific needs and modern demands of the criminal justice work. The criminal justice institutions are provided access through their training facilities registered at ADAL.


To Criminal Justice Institutions

1. Institutional Virtual Trainings Performance Dashboard

2. Comparison Analysis with Other Regions and Institutions

3. Individual Training Progress Reporting

4. Individual User Management and Performance Reporting

5. Tailored Virtual Courses Specific to Identified Needs of Ins

6. Sustainability

To Criminal Justice Practitioners

1. Secure User Management with 2-factor Authentication

2. Individual Performance Dashboard

3. Accessibility Options for Differently-abled Persons

4. Bilingual Portal and Virtual Training Courses’ Content

5. Customized Virtual Training Courses Delivered by Renowned Local & International Subject Specialists

6. ADALcoNNect (Integrated Community of Practice)